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Five Dock Veterinary Hospital delivers the best in patient and client care. We are a full service hospital offering advanced diagnostics, medicine, special procedures, as well as affordable routine care.

Maintaining Your Pet's Wellbeing

Affordable Routine Care

We offer comprehensive physical examinations and preventative medicine, new pet examinations, wellness examinations, desexing, vaccinations, dentistry, skin care, ear cleaning, flea and tick control, bathing and dipping, boarding, general and prescription foods, and general pet health care.

Nutritional Counselling

We carry only premium foods for your pets, with a vast variety of foods formulated to address many specific nutritional needs. Let us recommend a diet that best meets your pet’s identifiable needs.


Behavioural Counselling

If you are experiencing a behavioural problem with your pet, allow us to examine him or her to determine the best way to resolve your issue. Many behavioural problems are actually health issues that can be treated with a diet or medications.



You are welcome to bring your pet to us for boarding. In addition to caring for your pet as if he or she were ours, we will observe and monitor your pet’s appetite and attitude. We board pets that have ongoing medical problems or require medication or therapy. Boarding reservations must be made in advance, and your pet must be up-to-date on vaccinations. Make sure to make holiday reservations well in advance.



Regular grooming is an important part of maintaining your pet's health. We offer affordable bathing and grooming services for your pet.


Getting a New Pet


Information for New Pet Owners

The arrival of a new pet is a very happy and exciting time! We can provide you with all the information you need to know about keeping your animals healthy and happy. Our staff run puppy preschool classes in the practice which will provide you and your family with all you need to know about looking after your new pet.


Pet Identification and Microchip Systems

We use a pet identification system which consists of a microchip - a tiny electronic device which is easily and painlessly implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades.
Each microchip has a unique number, which is registered, and which provides a means of identification for your pet should he or she be lost. If your pet is found and the microchip is scanned, the finder can call the national registry for owner information.


If Your Pet is Sick or Injured


General Surgery and Orthopedics

Our hospital is well equipped to perform most major and minor surgeries, from desexing to more complicated emergency, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.



Radiographs are extremely helpful in the diagnosis and monitoring of many problems. We have a ‘state-of-the- art’ digital radiograph machine. This allows more detailed X-ray images on a computer screen which can enhance the diagnosis of a problem. This new equipment means animals have less time under anaesthetic and are exposed to less radiation.


In-House Laboratory for Quick Results

Our extensive laboratory can provide critical information for your sick or injured pet. We also perform PreSurgical/ PreAnesthetic blood testing to ensure that surgical or anesthetic risk is kept to a minimum for your pet.


General and Special Dentistry

Dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. Proper dental care prevents not only bad breath and periodontal disease, but it also prevents infection from spreading through the blood stream, causing damage to major organs.



We carry an extensive inventory of drugs and medications for your pets, so that you can conveniently go home with the medications you need for the care and treatment of your furry friend, without the hassle of visiting another place.


If Your Pet Dies


Euthanasia and Cremation

At this sad time, we endeavour to reduce the anxiety for you and your beloved pet. Please advise the receptionist of your need for these services when booking so that we can minimise your waiting time.
Many owners choose to have their pets privately cremated. This can be arranged at the hospital, with the return of ashes if so desired in a scatter box or engraved wooden casket.

Other Services

We are always looking to provide further beneficial services to you.


Transport to and from the Hospital

We can assist with transport for you and your pet to and from the hospital. Speak to our friendly staff for advice.


Boarding for Large Animals

We understand that our clients may require boarding of their animals during holidays or longer periods of time for many reasons. We are agents for Meadow Mist and Hanrob who offer boarding facilities suited to larger animals and longer periods of time. You can book your boarding needs directly with both these organisations who will conveniently come and pickup as well as return your pet to our practice.